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Mission Leaders


Rody Maynard

Johnda Brumfield


Fannie Heck Circle

Director Teresa Baldridge, Linda Pack

 Marie Maynard Asst.


Mission Friends

Judy Evans, Anita Laney

Susan Little


Trinity Christian Academy Board

Buddy Boyd , Kristi Chaffin, Themla Hardwick, Randy Hinkle, Debbie Cordle, Lucille Young, Susan Little, Dr. Norman Edwards, Heather Mills

Members outside FBC are:

Julie Crabtree, Marcia Crabtree



Young WMU

Rody Maynard

Johnda Brumfield


Eve. Circle Facilitators

Rody Maynard

 Johnda Brumfield


Children in Action

Tracy Kinser,  Sheryl Wellman

Director Tracy Kinser

3-2-1 and Hands & Feet

Men and Women of the Church are Welcome

Roger & Taylor Spry, Heather & Elsie Mills, Bryce & Bryant Payne, Debbie Ward, Barry Workman

Director Denver Chaffin and Asst. Director Andy Delong

Director Heather Mills

























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