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Music & Worship Leaders

Music Ministry Coordinator

Michelle Canterbury, Elsie Jones



Congregational Song Leaders

Mike Harris and Mike Kessinger (8:30),  James Ellis and Mark Burgess(11:00)




Michelle Canterbury, Larry Hartman, Mark Burgess, Elsie Jones, Fran Prince, Edsel Perry, James Ellis, Andy Delong, Gordon Cooke, Jessica Crittendon




Men of the Church

Director Brian Withers


Choir Librarian

Peggy Nelson



Choir Director

Michelle Canterbury




Carl Frazier, Ken Borders



Sound Technicians

Craig Whitaker

Director Craig Whitaker

Assistants are: Brian Frazier, Danny Delong, Mike Ellis, Debbie Ward, David Sparks, Randy Hinkle, Andrea Cooke


Praise Team

Director James Ellis






























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