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Sunday School Leaders

Sunday School Department

Director: Lonnie Laney

Assistant Director: Danny Delong

Support Staff: Leah Kessinger

Class Names



Nursery 2-3 Year Olds

Director Elsie Mills

Jennifer Pannell, Darlene Staniford, Shila Pack

Children's Music (Sunday School)

Kay Runyon, Brenda Hughes

Kay Runyon, Michelle Canterbury

4 Year Olds

LeAnne Spry

Kim Cecil


Kay Runyon, Brenda Hughes


1st & 2nd Grade

Cheryl Roe

Dana Ellis

3rd,4th,5th Grade Boys

Ken & Tammy Borders

Lonnie Laney

3rd,4th,5th Grade Girls

Kathy Hinkle

Sue Edwards

Sunday School Welcome Center

Director Debbie Hanshaw

Carolyn Thompson, Sue Diamond, Lavern Boyd, Donna Little, Carl Frazier

6th,7th,8th Grade

Joey Cecil

Tim Ellis

High School

Jason and Danielle Keeton


Singles & Singles Again

Denver Chaffin

Kristi Chaffin


Don Thompson


Next Step Class Foundations & Principles

Paul Leibee


New Beginnings

Kelly Perry

Audrey Ormandy

Joy Bells

Thelma Hardwick

Janet Ratcliffe

George's Girls

 Jean Caperton

Colin Sparks

The New Branch

Johnny Pannell

Teresa Pannell

Men over 55 Class

Carl Frazier

Mark Burgess, Rick Delong, Clyde Johns

Home Groups

Brad West & Spencer Harris

Deana West & Gretchen Harris

Sanctuary Class

Norman Edwards

 Mike Harris, Ray McKenzie, Clyde Johns

God's Squad

Dottie Delong


























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