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Pastor's Message

Thank you for taking the time to check our website. If you are new to our beautiful area, curious about our church, searching for a place to follow Jesus, or interested in beginning a new life in Christ - Welcome to First Baptist Church!

Our campus is always busy. Something is going on every day: be it our worship services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, discipleship classes, fellowship, programs for all ages in every service ,Trinity Christian Academy, walking track, basketball, zumba, cheerleading, community meetings, the list goes on and on. But those are not the best things we have to offer. The best that we have to offer is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the power unto salvation. We want to know Christ and to make him known.
Here at FBC you will find:
--  Worship that will lift up the name of Jesus
--  Teaching and preaching of the Word that transforms lives
--  People who are excited about making disciples
--  All ages growing, connecting and serving together
--  Compassionate people wanting to share what Christ has done for them
--  A desire to be on mission with God in our community and to the uttermost
Thanks again for visiting or website. We hope to see you here this Sunday! If I can help you in any way, please contact me.
May His face shine upon you!
Pastor Chuck
March Madness 

Pursuit of Perfection!

As I am writing this newsletter article, the Kentucky Wildcats just beat the Tennessee Volunteers to go 26-0. By the time this newsletter gets to your home, they may no longer be in pursuit of perfection. Can you even imagine the pressure that these young men are under?

Trying to make c o l l e g e basketball history has to play a huge emotional role against them. The Big Blue

Nation is a lot to blame for all of the pressure. Somehow, we have gotten to the place that we demand perfection when it comes to basketball here in Kentucky.

This world that we live in has very high expectations for all of us who call ourselves Christians. They may not read the Bible, but they are pretty sure they know how we are supposed to react in every situation. It's kind of the same as you and I yelling at the Harrison twins because they keep missing threes or because the big men can’t get a rebound, although we really can’t make many threes ourselves. We would need a step ladder to touch the net, much less get a rebound!

We are not perfect! “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God". "There

is none righteous, no not one.” The good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that I was blind and now I can see... I was lost and now I am found. The Lord made it clearthatwecouldneverdoanythingor have anything done that could pay for the sins that we have committed in our lives. But thank God for His unspeakable gift when He sent Jesus to pay for our sins! That is how he showed His love to us. Now we have eternal life by believing in Jesus Christ!

"No, I'm not perfect, I'm just forgiven, Haven't yet arrived, but I'm on my way, Since Jesus found me and forgave me, Can't say I'm perfect but I can say I'm saved."

We are so blessed that our heavenly Father does not demand perfection from us, so let’s be careful not to demand perfection from each other. God has begun a good work in us as believers and He will continue that work in us until the day of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are not perfect, just forgiven!

May His face shine upon you! 
























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