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FBC Louisa Discipleship


Based on what the scripture teaches us in places like (Matt. 28:20) becoming a disciple is a command and it involves a process.  At First Baptist Church, Louisa we believe this process involves more than simply reading your way through God’s Word. It’s more than spending an hour or so each week attending church and expecting a transformed life as the result.  We know that without taking what you have read and heard and  applying it to your daily life there will be little transformation.
All through scriptures we see God using and calling ordinary people like you and I into His service.  Our churches, however, have become for the most part message and lecture centered.  We meet several hours a week to listen to lectures with little or no real transformation of lives taking place. 
Don’t get me wrong, preaching and teaching is good because we see that Jesus did the same thing.  It is something we should be doing.  However, we have become a knowledge oriented society and this applies to the church as well! 
enlightWe are products of the Enlightenment that came upon the world like a tsunami . Our mode of thinking rested on the scientific method and scientific reason. Miracles of the Bible became just myths that we read about and so personal experience in a miracle God was replaced with an intellectual’s attitude to faith in Jesus.  This methodology recognizes ideas and knowledge about God over personal experience with God.
If we are to reproduce disciples today that look, walk and talk like Jesus our Master then we have to reinstate His message, teach biblical principles based on spiritual truth and put into practice what we have learned. 
To have a life that is being transformed on a daily basis means experiencing God over just accumulating facts and obtaining knowledge about Him.  Obedience is the key to experiencing God and at FBC Louisa we use a variety of ways to accomplish this from meeting in small groups to going out two by two to accomplish the same purpose that Jesus came.  We go to seek and to save that which is lost. 
Jesus is our model of disciple making.  He reproduced Himself in those men that the Father gave Him.  His sacrificial lifestyle of leadership, the way He healed and the way He preached and taught would be evident in the lives of those who followed Him.  True transformation became obvious in the lives of His followers and those lives were never really the same after meeting and coming to know the Master.
Let’s think about how we want to make disciples, it’s vitally important in our day and time.  If we are just looking for those who can pass the tests and give the right answers then we will have achieved our goal of making experts, but those same experts will probably be living lives without passion and life and may never really experience God on a day to day basis.
If you’re looking for a place to grow in your faith and want to learn how to make disciples then visit us here at FBC Louisa and get connected as we meet a variety of times and in a variety of places throughout the week.  Let’s all grow and go together in His name.
David Maynard, Associate Pastor, Discipleship Director


Join an FBC Discipleship class today! Here's a look at the opportunities you have this Winter to grow in your relationship with Jesus:


Louisa Bible Training Classes

Monday 6pm - 9pm in Discipleship Room


Clash of Covenants - Tuesday 8am @ FBC

David Maynard


Acts The Movement Begins  - Tuesday 5pm @

Dana & Mikes House (point section).  


Instruments in the Redeemers Hands

Saturday 8 - 9:30am @ FBC

Mike Harris


Discipleship: FBC Louisa

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