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Trinity Christian Academy

Welcome to Trinity Christian Academy School, sponsored by the First Baptist Church Of Louisa. 

Trinity Cristian School
Trinity Christian Academy is a community of families, staff and friends working together to provide the students with a loving, nurturing environment which will promote strong academic development. Here the students learn by example and Bible-directed instruction to know God better. They learn to see His sustaining hand in Creation, to honor Him, and to be equipped with the skill and insight for service to God and our communities. 

We are so blessed to have such dedicated teachers, sacrificial parents and a few committed churches that give of themselves. Please feel free to come by TCA, in fact we are looking for volunteers who could help, from time to time, in the library, book fair, fund raisers, music education, art education, and even physical education.  The only requirement is that you have a heartfelt love of children and a foundation of commitment to Christ. 

Trinity Christian Academy was begun by FBC, Louisa in 1990 and now seeks to educate children from Preschool through 6th grade, we have a 1:7 student teacher ratio and employ about 8 people.  The school is incorporated and is fully accredited. If at any time you need information or would like to refer someone to our school please call 638-0135 and speak with our Principal Dr. Lonnie Laney or one of his dedicated staff members.

























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