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This Week @ FBC



8:30AM Worship 

9:45AM Bible Study Hour

11:00AM Worship 

6:00 Bible Study & Youth - Acts

6:00 Mission Friends/Children in Action

Walking Track 8-12

 Walking Track 8-12
Clash of Covenants 8-9:30am
David Maynard

Acts - The Movement Begins

 5:00 pm Dana & Mike's

Morning Prayer 8:00am
Walking Track 8-12
 7:00 Bible Study in the Sanctuary
7:00 Youth

7:00 Creative Ministries  

Walking Track 8-12
God's Food Bank 9:30 - 2:00
Nursing Home Service 10:00

6:00 Prison Ministry (Every other week)


Walking Track 8-12 
Instruments in the Redeemers Hands
8 - 9:30am
Mike Harris
9:00 Mens Breakfast - Down Home Grill 
 10:00am Set up Chairs for Sunday

























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